Furnish your environment

Do you want to understand if the work you have chosen is suitable for your environment? Send me a photo of a room leaving the wall blank. I will send you the same photo in which I will have added the art work you like and, thanks to this simulation, you will be able to verify to what extent you can enrich the aesthetics of your home.Send your photo to: gianfranco@gianfrancobianchi.it
(free service, without obligation, for a maximum of 3 photos per customer)

  • "Horsehead Nebula"
    "Nebulosa Testa di Cavallo" - cm 80 x 100 x 4,3 "Horsehead Nebula"
  • "Caffeine by Microscope"
    "Caffeina al Microscopio" - cm 70 x 100 x 4,3 "Caffeine by Microscope"
  • "Winter"
    "Inverno" - cm 100 x 150 x 4,3 "Winter"
  • Installation "The World on Grill"
    Il Mondo in Graticola - Istallazione cm 113x64x54 Installation "The World on Grill"
  • Painting - Sculpture "12 - 21 - 2012"
    "21-12-2012" Quadro-Scultura cm 60,5x135,2x135,2 Painting - Sculpture "12 - 21 - 2012"
  • "Thinking in Red"
    "Pensando in Rosso" - cm 50 x 50 x 3,5 "Thinking in Red"
  • "Centuries"
    "Secoli" - cm 80 x 80 x 4,3 "Centuries"
  • "Almost Blue" - cm 40 x 80 x 3,8
  • "Breakfast is Served"
    "La Colazione è Servita" - cm 50 x 77 x 14 "Breakfast is Served"
  • "New Flower" - cm 70 x 100 x 4,3
  • "Sinuosity 2"
    "Sinuosità 2" - cm 50 x 150 x 3,5 "Sinuosity 2"

All the paintings are also painted on the edges.

It is therefore possible to hang the work without a frame.
Artistic cycles
The Macrocosm

Usually the dripping is used for informal, abstract works.
In this series dedicated to Galaxies I use this technique to represent the forms and the colours of galaxies and nebulae and all that is visible only with powerful telescopes. The purpose? Painting a galaxy to share the awareness that we cannot be alone in the Universe.

The Microcosm

A survey on the microcosm: atoms and molecules that, under the microscope, already seem to be abstract paintings.

The Months and the Seasons
“The flow of life marked by time that changes with the transformation of the landscape. The environment becomes part of our identity."
(Giammarco Puntelli - Art critic)
Climate Change
Paintings and installations, to raise public awareness about the need to stop global warming.
Installations and
Paintings - Sculpture
The installations are artistic layouts of objects and materials in a setting. The paintings – sculpture are definitely three-dimensional works, which in some cases can be placed at will even vertically.
Thinking in...
When we use another language for thinking, our mind is able to reason in a different way. The open-mindedness that results can enrich our do and make us wiser. If we think of colors as a language, it’s possible to paint transferring these thoughts on the canvas.
Time, Eras, Ages
"Moments that pass, minutes that flow, weeks that fly, millennia that accumulate as colors that become "dots" to drag us into the hypnosis of a labyrinth"  (Giammarco Puntelli - Art Critic)
With this term I indicate a variant of Dripping, in which the colors, drained as in Dripping, are mixed directly on the canvas thanks to the inclination of the same, creating a fluid effect, liquid.
Creative Forms
They are “special” works, in which informal abstract art goes well with formal art in the creation of unpainted figures obtained using unconventional canvases juxtaposed or united for this purpose, previously or subsequently painted.
Not Just Dripping
Works performed with traditional technique (ie using brushes) or with mixed technique (brush + Dripping / Sketching).
"Classic" Dripping, Materic Dripping and Sketching
The "classic" Dripping is a painting technique invented in the mid-twentieth century in the USA in which the color, especially enamel, is drained on the medium (usually a canvas placed horizontally). The resulting work emphasizes the physical act of painting itself (Action Painting). It's also defined, as artistic movement, “Abstract Expressionism”. The materic dripping is an “evolved” Dripping in which is used a great deal of color with a particularly high density, so as to create an evident, tangible and tactile relief. "Sketching" means splashing the color onto the canvas (instead of dripping it) creating what I call “specks”, that is, small colored strokes that appear to have been made with a brush. I use this technique very often, with which I have created, for example, my whole broad theme dedicated to the Macrocosm.