Gianfranco Bianchi was born in Massa (Tuscany) in 1962. Living in Pistoia, he has been an artist and musician for many years. 

He began creating artworks in 2009, being inspired to follow developments in both conceptual and pictorial art taking place in Italy and overseas. Dripping and Sketching are the techniques he turns to most frequently. The gallery which has most closely followed his career is the Merlino Bottega d-Arte in Florence, along with its critic Professor Giammarco Puntelli. Other critics who actively follow Bianchi include Doctor Lodovico Gierut and Doctor Giorgio Gregorio Grasso.

He has participated in 132 exhibitions (27 personal and 105 collective) in various Italian cities, including Bologna, Ferrara, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Padua, Piacenza, Pietrasanta, Pistoia, Pordenone, Rome, Spoleto, Turin and Venice.

His 2014 solo show in Florence entitled "In Search of Life, at the Discovery of Origins", with thirty-two works dedicated to the pictorial cycle on galaxies, attracted the interest and presence at the inauguration of two astrophysicists and the vice president of the Italian Amateur Astronomers Union, and was followed, in 2015, by a personal exhibition at the Chianti Multifunctional Observatory.

In Milan, in the exhibition "Art and Time", official event in the city, in Expo 2015, he exhibited with renowned artists such as Alinari, Caimi, Faccincani, Menozzi, Monteforte, Possenti, Talani, and many others of national and international importance.

In Mantua, at the Casa del Mantegna, he presented, again in 2015, an important solo exhibition with 75 works, at the same time as the presentation of the Catalog of Modern Art n. 51 by Giorgio Mondadori Editor and the personal exhibitions of masters of contemporary art such as Armodio, Borghi, Capitani and Menozzi. Also in 2015, he participated in the exhibition "Metatheism towards a New Renaissance" at the Museum of Art and Science in Milan.

In the 2016 event "The Hypnotist's Labyrinth", conceived and curated by Giammarco Puntelli, he exhibited some of his works at Palazzo Gallio, on Lake Como, together with international level artists, such as Alexander Kanevsky and Antonio Nunziante. In the same year, Prof. Puntelli curated one of his personal exhibitions at the Bergomi Museum and the Lechi Museum in Montichiari.

Bianchi was invited to exhibit the installation inspired by the labyrinth of the film "Shining" in the exhibition "Infiniti labirinti" at "Paratissima" in Turin and to conceive two paintings dedicated to two works by Puccini, which were exhibited at the Gran Teatro Giacomo Puccini, in Torre del Lago Puccini in 2016 and, in 2017 in Sillico di Pieve Fosciana, in two exhibitions curated by Lodovico Gierut.

At Villa Clerici (Milan), he was called to exhibit by Giorgio Ramella, editor of the Encyclopedia of Art Italiana and its Curator, the art critic Alberto Moioli.

In 2017 he participated in the "MetArt" and "Art at the time of the 57th Venice Biennale" exhibitions curated by the art critic Giorgio Gregorio Grasso at the Armenia Pavilion during the 57th Art Biennale Contemporary of Venice, as guest of the international artist Miro Persolja, at the collective organized by the Encyclopedia of Italian Art at Palazzo Visconti in Brignano Gera d'Adda, curated by Alberto Moioli, at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Veneto, organized from Art Project to Villa Badoer curated by Giammarco Puntelli, to a group exhibition at the MIIT Museum in Turin and one at the Farini Gallery in Bologna, visited by the Critic Vittorio Sgarbi.

Gianfranco Bianchi was one of the artists selected for the first edition of the volume "Art in the Kitchen", created by the artist Domenico Monteforte, and published by Mondadori.

In Lamezia Terme he presented two installations dedicated to the world of cinema, in the “Cinema & Art” exhibition alongside Daniela Rambaldi and the paintings of the three-time Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi.

In 2018 he presented the solo show "The Months and Seasons" in Gubbio at La Medusa Cultural Association, he participated in La Biennale di Pistoia/The Pistoia Biennial promoted by La Brigata del Leoncino/The Leoncino Brigade, in the traveling event "International Contemporary Art" in Piacenza and Venice and at the “Angels and Demons” event at the Castello di Fombio, both conceived and curated by the art critic Giorgio Grasso.

He presented a solo exhibition “I Cambiamenti Climatici/Climate Change” in Stazzema, took part in Spoleto Arte, an event curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and organized by the manager Salvo Nugnes and was a guest in the Art Project stand at the Arte Padova fair.

In 2019 he replicated his solo exhibition “I Cambiamenti Climatici/Climate Change” in a school in Florence, he participated in the collective "MeccatronicArt" in Alba curated by Artepozzo and the Rambaldi Foundation, presented a solo exhibition at the Europa Gallery in Lido di Camaiore, was called to exhibit at the Polytechnic of Turin on the occasion of the "Welcome to the Machine" exhibition, organized by Paratissima, he then presented his works on his stand at Arte Padova.

In 2020 he proposed the solo show at the Europa Gallery in Lido di Camaiore, participated in the inaugural exhibition of the Venice Art Gallery curated by Giorgio Grasso, participated in the review "Universi di noi", curated by the Art Critic Francesca Mariotti at the Palazzo Crema in Ferrara.

In 2021 he returned to the Europa Gallery in Lido Camaiore with his 27th solo exhibition entitled “The Microcosm” and in 2022 at the Venice Art Gallery in Venice in the collective “Venice – Preludio alla Biennale/Prelude to the Biennial".

Since 2016 Bianchi has been ever present in the Italian Encyclopedia of Art.