About himself

My Dripping, initially "classic" has evolved first in the genre defined “Liquidism”, ie paintings with drained colors as in Dripping but mixed thanks to the inclination of the canvas, then into a genre definitely "material" in which the colors, applied without economy, create a noticeable relief effect.

In my informal works we often see forms that come to life thanks to the imagination of the beholder. Other forms, instead of painted, are created by joining the frames (Creative Form).

The Action-Painting disappears but remains Dripping when I express concepts, I send messages in premeditated works. Often there is a caption - an integral part of the work - which allows me to better explain my thoughts.

Another evolution of my Dripping is to splash the color on the canvas (instead of dripping it) creating what I call "straws", that is, small colored strokes that appear to have been made with a brush. I call this variation of Dripping "Sketching". I use this technique very often, with which I made, for example, all my broad theme dedicated to the Macrocosm.

We live in a complex and chaotic world and I am convinced that things happen by chance. The opportunities, however, must be created, in order to channel our future in the desired direction. I try to transfer this concept to my paintings, in which chaos, where colors seem to reign, is only apparent because, observing well, there is a logic, which I call “The Apparent Chaos ".

It is important that everyone takes action, that everyone does his or her best, in every field. My theory of "doing" expresses the need not to hope that things fall from the sky but the will to express oneself, in the best way, doing, producing the works that we feel within us, without waiting for unlikely commissions from patrons, without chasing success before realizing our dreams.

The real success is to achieve at best what one has set out to do.

Create and complete a work of art, whatever form of art it is, represents, for an artist, true success.